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With GreenKaart, your journey starts here for using green products for cleaning. Please be sure to explore all our Products & Services and choose the right one for you.

Green products are not Toxic & Chemical base products. Green products are biodegradable.Green products can help to improve your overall indoor air quality and thus contribute to reducing certain health risks, such as: chemical poisoning, skin irritations, and eye and respiratory infections.

Save water

Easy Disposal


Improve Health

Clean Indoor Air

Save Environment


GreenKaart has multiple range of products and services. We have all kind of natural and food grade Cleaning & Air Freshener green products.

We have a Green Nursery range also in which we provide Indoor, outdoor Pot & Plants. Landscaping, Vertical & Terrace Garden.

In services section we are offering some industries specific cleaning services like Deep Cleaning, STP & ETP cleaning*

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