About Us

GreenKaart associated with Herbocare pioneered the field of natural and plant based cleaning solutions. Over the years Herbocare have worked hard and experimented with various plant derivatives to finally bring you the natural products that support the well-being of the ecology and do not in any way degrade the quality of air, soil and water upon usage. GreenKaart is also determined to provide you cleaning solutions that are based on natural sources.

GreenKaart also offer multiple range of plants and related services to help you achieve a green environment around you. We specialize and dedicated team, who can explain which plants (indoor, outdoor & pot plants) and services are right for you and tell you more about our concepts of vertical garden, landscaping & terrace garden. Our vision is to provide the Green and clean environment around you.


“Green and clean environment around you”


“Providing green products to save environment”

Let’s build green future

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